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Parties at 1984 are a GREAT IDEA!

Birthdays, Family & Class Reunions, Bridal & Baby Showers, Wedding Rehearsals, Company Outings, School Field Trips, we’ve seen it all!  To book your event please CALL US at 417-831-3665 or stop by in person.   We have specific rules in place to ensure you and your guest have a good time.  Showing up and “just having a party” at 1984 is not something we can accommodate.  Attempts to “just have a party” without booking can cause confusion with your guests and 1984 staff.  We want to make sure your party is a fun experience for all.  Call to book.

The basics are:

  • Our events serve guests ages 8 years old and up (children 7 & under are welcome to attend but will need 1-on-1 adult supervision at all times.)
  • All events must be PRE-SCHEDULED/BOOKED by 1984 staff (can’t just show up and have a party)
  • Call to book your event about 4 to 6 weeks out (we get a lot of bookings)
  • At all booked events, outside drinks are not allowed (we have our concessions available to you)
  • At all booked events, outside food is allowed (just consider mess-level of foods please)

Now you just have to decide if you want to rent a PARTY ROOM or if you want to do a PRIVATE EVENT!  Give us a call and we can help you figure that out.

COST $125

Room for 2 hours
15 Admissions included
Suggested group size of 25 or less

  • OPEN HOURS only
  • SUGGESTED GROUP SIZE: less than 25 people
  • ALL DRINKS are $1 from snack bar
  • 1 Room for 2 hours in the Bonus Level (downstairs)
  • 15 Admissions included in package (tracked with wristbands)
  • $5 per person past the 15 admissions in package (discounted from the normal $7.50 per person)
  • Admission is an all-night pass (beyond just party room hours)
  • Parties scheduled anytime between 5PM to 11pM, Wed. to Sat.
  • $60 deposit required to hold room (applied towards $125)

COST $250

Whole place for 2 hours
No per person cost
Suggested group size up to 250

  • GROUP SIZE: up to 250 people
  • ALL DRINKS are $1 from snack bar
  • Entire place is yours for 2 hours
  • No per guests entry admission
  • 2 hour block of time
  • $100 deposit required to hold room (applied towards $250)

Book a party and get these TOTALLY FREE postcard invitations!  Just stop by and pick them up!

CALL NOW TO BOOK : 417-831-3665



4:00 PM to 11:00 PM
WED through SAT
$7.50 ENTRY Admission
(This is cost to get in the door)
Play all night, no re-entry cost.
15 & younger must have
ADULT with them.


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