We have a LOT of activities going on this week for our Stranger 1984 event.  Some of the activities are Wed. to Sat. 4PM to 11PM.  Some are ONLY happening on Saturday from 12PM to 4PM.   Our Eggo Breakfast Bar will start at 12PM and go until we run out of Eggos.  This post says 4PM — but that’s when we will cut it off — and open to the public.  If you want Eggos and hang out with us before the general public is allowed in — get in at NOON.  Entry is $10 for the whole day.  You can come and go as usual.  You’re good until 11PM that night.

Go to our Facebook event and let us know you are coming:  https://www.facebook.com/events/186348988603559

See you in the Upside Down!