We are now ready to start booking Fund-Raisers in 2018.  You can read the details on Fund-Raisers on this page:  http://www.1984arcade.com/charity-fund-raisers/ 

Due to several instances in 2017, where a charity  booked an event and then just didn’t show up, this year we are requiring a deposit of $25.  This is to put some value on the reserved date.  We only do 12 events per year, and want to ensure these opportunities are not wasted by no-show charities.   This $25 deposit will be returned upon completion of your fund-raiser, along with the funds you earned for your event.

As we have done for years now, you need to come in to 1984 in-person to book a charity fund-raiser.  We do not book events over the phone or email.  Come in to meet with us, bring documentation as detailed here:  http://www.1984arcade.com/charity-fund-raisers/  and a way to pay the $25 deposit.  If your charity has had a successful event at 1984 previously, we might be willing to waive the $25 deposit.  You’ll need to discuss this in person with 1984 personnel.