Booking of 2018 fund-raisers will begin in January of 2018.  We only book events for the current year.

We have 1 space per month.  The 2nd Saturday of each month.  That’s 12 events per year.  Due to these limited number and times, we have the requirements below.  Please be aware that for 2018, we might have a policy change requiring a deposit that is refundable when the charity arrives at the event.  This will be clarified in January of 2018.

1984 believes in giving back to the community.  We have a program to help raise money through fund-raising events at 1984.

To book a fund-raiser for your charity or organization, please stop by in-person during our regular hours (4PM to 11PM Wed. to Sat.)  We request in-person booking of fund-raising events so you can bring documentation of your charity / organization with you.  We have to make sure that funds raised are going to genuine charities / organizations.

Your event will be scheduled as a Private Event (held during non-open business hours).  During your event each person in the door will pay the standard $7.50 admission.  For cash admission $3.75 will go to you and $3.75 to 1984.  For admissions using a credit/debit card $3.25 will go to you and $4.25 will go to 1984.

Fund-raiser events are scheduled on Saturdays from 1:30PM to 3:30PM.  This is our premium schedule slot and will get the best turn out for your event.  By scheduling a fund-raiser on Saturday you will not only get the people you reach out to in your promotional efforts, but you will also get people that come to 1984 early wanting to get into the arcade before we open at 4PM.   As long as you are willing to let walk-ins come into your event we will charge the $7.50 per person.

During fund-raiser events we will not allow any admission coupons. Admission coupons will be accepted only during our regular business hours.   This gives the fund-raiser the maximum earning potential.

During your event we will sell our concessions at regular prices.  Outside food & beverages are not allowed into 1984 during fund-raisers.

At the end of your event we will do a register report for total admissions and present you with cash for half of the total.  Anyone admitting during your event can stay through until close at 11PM.  They have paid for the day and our admission is an all-night-pass.


  • Schedule fund-raiser as a “Private Event” (meaning during our closed hours)
  • Scheduled 1:30PM to 3:30PM on Saturdays.
  • $7.50 per person admission cost split between charity and 1984 (50/50)
    • $3.75 for each cash admission and $3.25 for each debit/credit card admission.
  • No admission coupons
  • No outside food & beverage
  • Concessions at regular prices
  • Admissions qualifies as all-night pass.