THE 1984 APP

“This is the greatest piece of software since …. ME!”
 – Max Headroom


As soon as you launch our app, you’ll see the latest news from 1984!  Special events, offers and more will be shown on the opening screen.  Swipe left or right to navigate to the next screen.


Earn free visits to 1984!  With each paid admission, we will put one “punch” onto this digital loyalty card.  When you have 5 “punches” you will have earned a FREE VISIT!  Use it immediately, or let them collect for later.  No expiration on these rewards!


What is the current High Score on Galaga?  Now you can check on your device!  Did you just set the High Score on Dig Dug and want to show your friends after you leave 1984?  Now you can!  You can also check to make sure the High Score is still yours!  These scores are updated by the staff at 1984 and you can look them up any time on your device!


When is 1984 open?  What’s the cost to get in?  Do they take cards?  Where are they located?  You can answer all these questions on this screen alone.  You can even tap on the location info at the bottom and go to your navigation app to help find us!  How awesome is that?!